Photo: Ian Ferris

Joelle Chartouni B.C.S.T.  R.C.S.T.

“Be Still and Know.”

         - Dr. Sutherland, founder of osteopathy in the cranial field.


Joelle graduated from The Craniosacral Educational Trust in London and is constantly developing her skills with continued education in a wide range of specialist postgraduate courses. Her treatments do not look for the dis-ease but rather the health within each person. She works with you to reconnect yourself to your body and become more present and aware of what it really feels like to give way to your natural capacity of healing. 


As a child, Joelle suffered from never-ending migraines despite years of trying close-to-every medical treatment available. It was only when she encountered the profound effects of Craniosacral Therapy that it all stopped. Within a few sessions her symptoms had dissipated. More than being relieved, this new wellness led to an increase in energy, emotional balance and an ability to enter a state of deep relaxation. The feeling of wellbeing was so pervasive and transformative that she knew, instantly, to turn her life towards Craniosacral Therapy.

Joelle is unique in that she grew up Freediving (Apnea) and then studied to become and Anusara Yoga Instructor. Her great love for Freediving has long been the source of her deep understanding of the human body and the magnificent abilities it has. The Yoga education allowed her to develop an anatomical perspective to engaging the mind-body-soul connection. Both the Yoga and the Freediving pushed Joelle to feel and listen to her body to effectively communicate with it and, ultimately, reach a place of internal stillness which flourished as she discovered craniosacral therapy.


It is no surprise that these elements were crucial to Joelle’s life and today it is easy to understand how vital they have become for her journey as a Craniosacral Therapist. 

Joelle was an assistant tutor on the 2 year training at the Craniosacral Therapy Trust (CTET) which started in Oct 2016. She also took a role a therapist support on Mike Lusada and Dr. Louise Mazanti's Psychosexual Somaticts 1 year practitioner training which started  in Sep 2016.

Furthermore, she has completed the following specialist postgrad courses:

Birth Journey Training with Graham Kennedy      

Presence & Healing Trauma with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana 

Engaging the body with Steven Haines & Marina Collard at Body Intelligence Training

Touch with Katherine Ukleja 

Craniosexual Dynamics  with Tania Gallindo & Anne Stevens

Working with pregnant women, mothers and babies a craniosacral approach With Penel Lee & Sarah Nesling 

Movement & Stillness with Steven Haines & Marina Collard at Body Intelligence Training  

Mental health and addiction workshop with Dr. Gabor Mate

'Gut Feeling: The Microbiome in Clinical Practice' with Viola Sampson

Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2 with Moises Goiz