What is Craniosacral Therapy?

In our daily lives, we go through different forms of stress, anxiety and what we underestimate is just how much it affects our physical well-being. These physical and psychological traumas get held up in the body and can result in anything from neck and back aches, poor digestion to migraines and headaches. Craniosacral Therapy is the use of light touch to tap into the body's central nervous system to feel for these areas of physical and psychological trauma. 

The light touch allows the practitioner to feel the motion of the fluids, tissues and bones and through very gentle manipulation she will invite the nervous system to release the tension in those areas. This is why Craniosacral therapists talk about the body's ability to heal itself.


Why is it called Craniosacral Therapy?

A big part of the treatment is working with cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and flows along the spine. Therapists makes use of the skull's structure (cranium) and the sacrum to tune into the flow of ceberospinal fluid.


Why Cerebrospinal Fluid?

Beneath our usual breathing, we have a type of respiration which is more primordial than breathing through our lungs. It is an intrinsic biomechanism over which we have no control. The whole body expands and then contracts much like our lungs do when we inhale and exhale except this Primary Respiration is much slower. Cerebrospinal fluid is directly influenced by Primary Respiration and so by tuning into the body's CSF practitioners are able to interpret the body's vitality and its ability to self-heal.


Then What?

When your practitioner has listened to what your body has to say, you will find that the body already starts to feel better as it has someone to talk to. That in its own right is a natural starting point for your body's self-healing. This is when your central nervous system slows down, or drops, as we say. As with meditation, when the body enters this deep state of stillness, it will find itself in a safe environment where it finally has the opportunity to start concentrating on the healing process. This is when your body will be able to find the resources with which it can heal itself. 


Did you know...

Every cell in the body has the same blueprint for our perfect health, almost like an architect's plans for a building. This intelligence starts to get clouded over time, so when the body has the time and space to start working on itself it will always try to revert the body towards this blueprint. Once healing is in the hands of This magnificent intelligence, the Breath of life, our inner physician connects to our Inherent Treatment Plan. Craniosacral Therapy is all about engaging with this mechanism; our body knows best.

So always remember that health is never lost. As long as you are alive, your health is ever present.