Do you love water?

And want to look good swimming?

I love water... just the thought of water instantly makes me float, or freefall to the calm depth of myself. I grew up doing all sorts of water sports, as well as swimming competitions and I even came close to competing in the Olympics in my early 20s. I've always had a talent to just glide through the water and swim effortlessly for as long as I desired... But throughout the years I've noticed that a lot of people struggle to glide and doing a lap is exhausting to most. So I've decided to put my passion in good use and teach people how to be more efficient in their strokes, become more aware of their body in the water and reach a point of gliding where they can go on and on. Swimming then becomes a meditation with perks in getting fit and staying in shape.

Sessions are on a 1on1 basis, with indepth analysis and coaching.


Curious or interested? contact me and we can arrage a session.



Photo: Sandy Greenway

Photo: Sandy Greenway